Sandra QuintanaFounder

Sandra has a degree in theatre from the University of California, San Diego. She also studied English literature at St. John’s University, NY, where she received a full scholarship and assistantship to help found what is now the established St. John’s Writing Center.

Sandra has taught literature at several public schools in San Diego and NY and also participated in a literacy program at PS 111 Junior high in the Bronx back in 1998. Sandra has worked as a freelance writer for several companies, including HW wilson (Bronx) and The Princeton Review in NY.

Sandra has worked on various committees, including Culture Clash’s 25th Anniversary at UCLA Live! in 2009, and currently resides on the board of directors for the Los Angeles-Mexico DF Sister City Committee (as well as Chair of the fundraising committee). Sandra will also be a co-chair for the 2011 Boyle Heights Technology Center Gala.

In addition, Sandra is a partner in Islas Productions and currently developing 5th Voyage Production company, which will provide services for LPAN’s ZIA Project pro bono.

As FOUNDER of LPAN, Sandra is thankful for the opportunity to give back her time to the community and generations to come.

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