La Classe Art Academy


The mission of La Classe Art Academy is to nurture youth and adults who have been impacted by violence, trauma, and gangs. Through our arts programs, participants heal and build life skills that allow them to re-define themselves and re-envision their futures.


La Classe Art Academy was founded and is run by artist and Homeboy Industry Director of Substance Abuse Services, Fabian Debora, in partnership with LPAN and with funding from the Lenart Foundation. Created as a tool for re-entry and diversion for formerly incarcerated ex-gang members and at-risk youth, the Academy creates a free, accessible, and safe space for intergenerational learning.


Students are taught a range of fine arts, including painting on canvas, graffiti, murals, conceptual art, sketching, digital, photography, and video. The studio space for the Academy is located at LPAN Studios in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, bridging the Arts District and Skid Row. The space of the class provides a prime venue to showcase the students’ artwork and the opportunity to connect with hundreds of art enthusiasts who regularly frequent the neighborhood.

LA Classe’s programs include:

  • Re-Entry and Diversion with adults and youth from Homeboy Industries and LearningWorks.
  • Addiction and Recovery arts programs with skid row communities.
  • Intergenerational Bonds created by pairing elderly participants with youth or fathers with sons for interactive art-making workshops.
  • Mural Mentorships which pair youth and recent immigrants with prominent mural artists in community
  • Crossing Borders to create international youth programs using art to impact lives of youth who have been impacted by trauma.


Providing support for free expression allows the artist in each participant to emerge, creating a space within a community that allows its members to re-dream and re-define themselves. La Classe seeks to remove the border between ‘contemporary art’ and ‘chicano art’ or community art, validating the lived experience and expression of our communities.

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