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Founded by Sandra Quintana in 2009, LPAN grew out of a drive to uplift marginalized Latino and Chicano art-making that has grown into a network of support and programming for multicultural theatre, art, music, and film.

Building a bridge between community, art and Culture.

LPAN champions work by and for at-risk and marginalized communities, creating space for healing and legitimizing underrepresented voices within the world of contemporary theatre, film, and art.



Latino Producers Action Network (LPAN) is a nonprofit organization that champions underrepresented voices by building bridges between community, art, and culture.

Latino Producers Action Network is dedicated to the development, production, promotion, preservation and distribution of multicultural theatre, art, music, and film in order to create cultural awareness and alleviate racial tension and discrimination in the community.

Art that is for and by the people which capture voices from diverse backgrounds whose stories create change in our society. LPAN’s goal of connecting community, culture, and art is being implemented in our new programs.


LPAN’s name plays on the Spanish term ‘El Pan’, meaning ‘the bread’, the basic sustenance of a community that brings everyone together. LPAN is a multi-service organization that steps in to fill basic needs with a wide number of organizations through providing services in development, production, promotion, preservation, and distribution of cutting-edge work.

LPAN’s flagship program, La Classe Art Academy, is a cultural incubator that nurtures the inner artist in members of communities affected by violence, trauma, and gangs, creating a space for participants to re-dream and re-define themselves.

LPAN’s activities include:

  • Producing programs, including La Classe Art Academy, that work directly with at-risk communities to build their capacity and tell their stories.
  • Partnering to produce new artistic work that builds cultural awareness and alleviates racial tension with organizations such as San Diego REPertory, Culture Clash, Oregon Shakespeare Festival.
  • Partnering to build organizational capacity through speaking engagements, producing fundraisers, and committee and board involvement.
  • Building culture for a new generation through youth sponsorships to see theatre and linking youth to community resources.
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